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PHP UK conference

Page history last edited by Jon Martin Chua Jiao 10 years, 11 months ago

PHP UK conference/Drupal Microsoft conference



Before watching the seminar, I thought that I was about to watch a very boring video about people talking about programming and coding for hours. But during the talk, I found myself enjoying the video because of it's lively way of connecting to the viewers. The way that the speaker explained the wonders of programming/coding is brilliant. She helped me understand why being a programmer/coder is a gift as well as a responsibility. A gift when you can solve problems by building solutions to solve them. Responsibility to be a good programmer/coder or influence others to do good as a programmer/coder.


The speaker also said that programming/coding is connected to your brain. The way you code/program depends on the way you think, the way you express yourself. Every programmer/coder has a unique way to code/program such solution. They also have different views how to solve or  create a solution on a certain problem or tasks. Coding is not just being a nerd or just sitting on your computer and type all day. Coding is about expressing yourself and being the person you want to be.



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